#10 winter solstice 2009

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It seemed that any time my mother cleaned her desk she came across a collection of postcards. Newly discovered, they would inspire her to send to one of her four children, the odd exhibition invite or photo with her haiku-like message describing her travels in NYC or a recently attended public reading.

This afternoon I sorted packing materials, images, and pots and cleared off surfaces in the studio racing to take a photo before I lost the light. I came back to the house as if walking in my mother's footsteps, seeing through her eyes the spectacle of the sunset. The light drained and the trees stood in silhouette while I sat in my daughter's bedroom listening to an interview with the poet Ted Kooser.

10-locust-pod.jpg"Were it not for the way you taught me to look at the world, to see the life in everything, I would have been lonely forever."
--Ted Kooser from his new book Lights on a ground of darkness from the poem,  to the memory of my mother.

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dear catherine - each solstice, winter and summer, i am so touched by your loyalty to this generous offering. your choice of quotes along with your fresh visuals inspire me in many ways. this season, the quotes by gretel ehrlich are especially meaningful. the summer of 1994 our son was struck by lightening, the charge hitting him through the fuse box when he touched the switch. We get terrific hits out here in the country and always turn all the power off during an electric storm. we held him until he came around, moments we will never forget. i went to the library yesterday to get all of ehrlich's writing. i started with 'a match to the heart' and cannot put it down. the writing is so powerful and the information so pertinent to the event with our son. thank you for all the love and care you bring to us with your work. love to you and your family, trew

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