summer solstice #2


My mother kept continuous notebooks and sketchbooks.  Every time I go home I slip into another volume. I am just dipping into the river of perception of her travels, readings, lectures, quotes and sketches. There are shopping bags of poems, a novel, and boxes of her snapshots.


She loved flowers and put them in vases.  The light coming in from the south across her table inspired her to snap many pix. Her attention and commitment inspires me to pick flowers and to photograph them with focus. Because I make pots I find the process of putting flowers in containers sharpens my aesthetics of use and hones my vision. 


hi catherine... just found your blog and not sure why i hadn't seen it before, it's beautiful. i'm amazed by the calligraphic nature and find that we have that in common. love the plates with all the writing and writing-like decoration and the post that has the stamps with the fragments of wordlike marks is very interesting to me. there really is something about the act of putting brush to paper/clay that never gets old.

I'm just starting to read blogs again after a month-long dry spell and I'm so glad I did. Your pots and photographs are beautifully inspiring! I love the form of this one especially. What is the background for these photos? Painted walls, paintings themselves?

The backgrounds are painted Masonite.

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