summer solstice # 11

Picking small bouquets of flowers was my mother's habit, snapping photos was her routine, making drawings was like breathing.There are many facts of her life and there are the stories her family loves to tell. My brother Steve and I talked about how the further we get from the fact of her death the less we grieve and the more we just become her. I breathe at the window by my wheel where  the June light filters through the thick leaves. I work hard to keep a view of the pond continually trimming branches and mowing weeds.  I do this because I learned from my Mom to love the light and the view and to make time for sunsets.

"There are plenty of ways to pile on the facts, and it is easy to overlook some things. "The fact is," said Van Gogh,  "the fact is that we are painters in real life, and the important thing is to breathe as hard as ever we can breathe."  Annie Dillard quoting Van Gogh from Pilgrim at Tinker Creek 


Oh Catherine, what a lovely image and such beautiful words remembering your mother. I often think how hard it will be when my parents leave this earth, but I am inspired by the graceful way you remember her. It's funny, my mother also prizes light over everything! As a painter and gardener, it's what illuminates her medium. I hope you are having a delicious summer.
xo Emlyn

catherine... i'm amazed that you've captured the way i think about my dad without realizing it. i have stopped grieving and i have already become him. i'm gonna have to get this annie dillard book.

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