#5 - remnant - winter solstice 2008

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I am like a remnant of a cloud of autumn uselessly roaming in the sky. --Rabindranath Tagore
05-remnant-1000w.jpgMy day was sandwiched by walks and shifts in light. There was the predawn walk to get the paper with the pooch where the gravel rolled out into deep shades of grey. Then, just before darkness, the 4:30 walk went past a single white swan floating on the darkening pond, ending with the remnant of sunset colors hugging the hills. The daylight hours are so short the workday felt like the edges were ripped off. Even so, pots are glazed and we returned the shed to working order.  The gas kiln is ready to be stacked.

1 Comment

Catherine- I love this - the swirls at the bottom of my coffee mug..... This is a gift every day. Thank you. Love, Betsy

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