#17-tea-solstice 2008


Each cup of tea represents an imaginary voyage. - Catherine Douzel

17-teapot-1000w.jpgI walk and then I remember to plant the garlic. I was told that it should be planted on the winter solstice, but tonight in the last shades of light, I push the cloves into the ground unsure of depth, unsure of timing, but this must be what I wanted to be doing-standing with my hands in the mud on a December night. I remember the early spring when I last cursed the missed opportunity, forgetting to plant the garlic once again. Yet I also remember, some charitable soul said, a true gardener never seems to do things at the right time, they do them when they have the time.


These thoughts echo my recent ventures into the garden, never seeming to be able to, or have the time to, do things I think I should, but most often it seems to work out in the long run. If not this year then maybe the next.

I think this teapot is my very favorite thing in this Rough Ideas section you sent to me. I would love to have a hand-made Catherine White tea pot. We drink tea everyday here in Kensington, CA, even when the sun shines in February on Groundhog's Day.

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