#12-nothing held in reserve-solstice 2008

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 Even the bowl of cherries she left in her kitchen

Is worth regard, a bowl they might have painted

In a rush of sympathy for objects small and frail,

Insubstantial and insignificant, or a rush of awe

At how ready the cherries and the bowl appear

To give themselves to the light that's left them,

With nothing held in reserve for a better day.


--Carl Dennis from Birthday

12-scratches-1000w.jpg The day spun by cleaning, arranging, and shifting, bowls, plates, vases and cups as we prepare the gallery. I took a break to walk my dog with a friend's dog. We circled their pond, the dogs describing big arcs and acrobatic tumbles. As I turned away from the sunset to return to the house I was surprised by the huge full moon rising above the tree line. It was as if the moon held nothing in reserve for a better moment.

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