turning paper to clay

I've been drawing on paper cups, trying to focus some new ideas. The cups are cheap, since they're recycled,  They provide  three-dimensional canvases, stand-ins for my handmade versions.  Yesterday, I expanded some paper templates. To make them, I rolled some thin slabs from paper-clay. That's clay with cellulose added to increase the dry-workability. We'll see what material gifts the combination provides.



Lovely site. Fascinating idea with recycled paper cups. You know your craft and are following the flow of ideas that are enchanting.

what are the processes involved in making a vase out of paper clay?

The paper clay is a mix of paper slurry and my clay body as a thick slip. Then dried and rolled into slabs. The paper clay allows me to work thinner with less cracking. but I don't really like the feel of the material so I don't use it very often.

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