square plate paintings

At one point I thought I had a notebook illness, but instead I have come to realize that these many  books are my assets--the varieties of shape, size, and function push new problems and suggest new solutions.Yesterday I posted circular plate images drawn from rectangular books. Today's square plate paintings are pulled from my 8-inch square notebooks.

My sketchbooks serve as both a private place to experiment and a portable stage to carry and to show-and-tell what I have been fooling around with. The books hold ideas in more or less chronological order. I do get ahead of myself laying in color, but then I go back and add more layers. The books become a collection spot for bits of sketches, idea scraps, color, a stray word or two, and an occasional quote.








Hi Catherince, Michael Kline's blog entry sent me here. What a delight! I just posted about sketchbooks today myself. I love your drawings, especially the postcards a couple posts back. I would like to add you to my blogroll, if ok. Thank you, and best wishes, KK

I just visited your blog from Michael Kilnes' and it is very lovely. Your images are fabulous. Thanks, I will visit again soon.

Glad you enjoyed it. please feel free to ad me to your blog roll.

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