printed cups

In Mr. LaHotan's second-grade art class I was excited when we were going to make things out of clay. But before we could move from painting to pottery, we had to tell him the difference. Since it seemed so obvious to me that clay was 3-dimensional, I stayed quiet. He stressed that when we worked in clay we had to observe our progress from every direction.

Surprisingly, I still see it differently. Trying to combine what I love about working on paper and what I love about 3-dimensional clay I am mixing my paint so it is like slip and mixing my slip so it is like paint. I write in my fast, illegible script and paint in my notebook. Then, transitioning to slip and clay, I search for the same feeling. When the claywork drawing seems more exciting, I alter my sketching materials yet again. The cups above are the result of printed handwriting; the page below shows template-shaped ideas for the cups.



as always, your pages are a lovely reflection of who you are and what you do. this site is calming, thoughtful and visually soothing. love your writing of course, and the images give much food for thought. i'll enjoy watching this unfold over time. i've always considered you a wonderful example of a cross-media artist, not linear but circular, where each element/media informs or is influenced by the others, a very holistic way of making, and one to which i aspire (still!)

Second, Mark Bovd comments, could not say it better. A special treat to view these pages!


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