#6 decembrance 2018

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I planted most of my garlic today. There are years I have considered not growing garlic as I could probably buy better organic garlic more cheaply. But then I remember how much I get out of prepping a bed at this time of year--harvesting and photographing the scapes, not to mention sauteing a clove in a bit of olive oil for favorite veggies. Last, but not least, the longer I grow garlic the bigger and wilder my garlic jars get.

06 decembrance 2018.jpg
i'll drink 'remorse' like a cabernet
champagne with 'indecision'
'guilt' like garlic
needs to sauté with cream, butter
and wine

I could eat your words
melt 'objection' with 'stimulation'
simmer 'truth' with 'prevarication'
taste your 'virtue' and 'honor' and 'time'

baby teach me tonight

--From I could eat your words by Patrica Barber

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