#8 decembrance 2018

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We un-stacked the anagama today. It's been a week of exhaustion and catch up as we wait for the kiln to cool. There are hopes and fears that fade and recur as the days pass. When we get to un-brick the door it is both a great relief and a bit of a letdown. We have to get to know the work again on its own terms. We let go of expectations and see the pots for how they have fired. The plate pictured here was made in Montana with unknown to me clays and wood species as fuel and kilns. It was fun to bring a few of those experiments home to fire in our own, more understood kiln. This afternoon we sorted and cleaned pots until we were exhausted and cold and when twilight had deserted our cause.

08 decembrance 2018.jpg
"So like twilight to show up just when you need it".

--Rodger Kamenetz, from "Incident on Memory Lane," Yonder, Lavender Ink, 2018.

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