#6 summer solstice 2013

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In my sleepy, predawn interior space I could hear birds and horses in the field up the hill. I slid back to sleep and landed half awake in the morning light. My mind was full of to-do lists for the last days before we stack the wood kiln. This has been a time of asking, how do I make each step easier, how do I break my ideas down to simple tasks so that they do not become the green algae of a summer pond. My garden is full of weeds and the shelves are full of pots.

Summer Interior

by Anne Carson

Summer smeared the day, you slid
landing in a strange country.

So the contemplative soul--so those "dawn horses"
half-awake in the original green algae

spoke to themselves low, near
and tenderly.


I behold the daybreak, I foreshow
that the sun is about to rise.
          (Augustine, Confessions)

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